Company History

Quill Group is a leading financial services provider offering accounting, financial planning, insurance and superannuation support and advice to our clients.

In 2000, Kevin Nicol established Quill Group in Southport, Gold Coast which was later trademarked in 2005. He named the practice Quill Group after considering the origins of accounting as he wanted a name that represented the financial services industry and also reflected the quality of services Quill Group provides.

The quill was once a highly efficient way of recording information. It is believed to have been developed by a Franciscan monk in Venice named Luca Pacioli in 1494 who painstakingly documented the finances of the church in the first innovation of accounting. They were recorded in journals and ledgers using feather quills as writing instruments.

In 2004 Kevin Nicol was joined by co-director Peter Kirk when Peter merged his substantial financial planning business (formerly known as Financial Life Solutions) into Quill Group. The following year Quill Group opened its second office in Eight Mile Plains. In 2007, co-director Mark Beveridge also merged his financial planning business (formerly Boutique Investor Services) into Quill Group. Tony Marshall also joined the team of directors after a lengthy and successful management role within Quill Group.

During 2012, Quill Group merged with The merger facilitated the establishment of a cloud accounting division at Quill Group which meant that we could move our clients into the future with innovative accounting software products. In 2011, the directors began to further realise their growth plan and merged with Sims Crawford Elliott & Co in Highgate Hill, Brisbane. The firm has a long and noble history dating back to 1922 providing taxation, accounting and financial planning services.

In 2013 with three offices, Quill Group merged with Broadbeach based accounting firm Munro Accountants with Richard Munro and Michelle Gargar joining the team of dynamic and innovative directors at Quill Group. Now with four offices across South East Queensland, Quill Group is a leader in accounting and financial services and advice. 

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