MoneyWise Poll – Do you think Queensland should have Daylight Saving?

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3 thoughts on “MoneyWise Poll – Do you think Queensland should have Daylight Saving?”

  1. Queensland needs daylight savings, we can have more fun in the evening with our family’s, not rushed to get things done before it gets dark. Go for a evening horse ride.
    Is in people’s mine that the curtains fray, children out in the sun at the heat of the day,get kids to go to bed at while still light, (but up heavy draws) harder for farmers with milking time, the cows get use to New milking time within a day, all that is changed is the time by 1 hour get use to it, we have the games on the Gold Coast in 2018 it would be great to have daylight savings.
    YES to daylight savings

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Sandra! It is Definitely a bonus to spend time with the kids when the sun is still beaming.

  2. you do not get any more time in the day
    still governed by a clock /work /school / sleep
    only seams to benefit office worker or those who do not work
    leave it alone

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