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Business Succession Planning

Quill can help with business succession planning

When you have built a business up literally by the sweat of your brow, making the decision to hand over control of it to someone else can be a stressful ordeal. Very few people want to see the business they worked so hard to create subsequently fail.

It is essential, no matter what familial obligations or loyalty obligations may be in play, to make sure that whoever ultimately gains control of your business is somebody you trust and somebody who will run it appropriately.

Business succession planning is what helps you with this decision, and also provides you with a clear step by step road map for preparing your successor for eventually taking over the business.

What business succession planning involves

When you plan the succession of your business, you are mainly defining six important things:

  • What conditions the succession should occur under
  • Who should be the successor (or successors).
  • Whether you will continue to have any financial interest in the business
  • Whether you will continue to have any controlling interest in the business
  • What steps need to be taken to prepare the business for the handover
  • What steps need to be taken to prepare the successor for the handover

While in theory this may all sound simple, in practice it can be easy to overlook something if you don’t have any experience in creating succession plans. This is why getting help from Quill is a good idea.

Make no mistake, it is an important task, and one you should start thinking about as early as possible. If you wait until it’s time to start thinking about retirement, your available options will be severely reduced.

One other very important thing which you must not neglect to take into consideration is whether or not your chosen successor actually wants to take over the business. It’s not something you can just take for granted, so you should always check.

Succession planning as a business protection measure

One of the possibilities not mentioned above is that not all succession planning is about passing on control of the business when you retire. Another scenario may involve business partnerships, or small private companies with just a few shareholders, where one of the members in the business dies.

In this case, it may not always be desired for somebody new to step in with a controlling interest in the company, even if they are related to the deceased. How can you prevent this and ensure the “outsider” will only receive a financial interest or financial payout.

A business succession plan can help address situations like this by setting out the procedures that should be put in place to avoid problems upon the death of any of the partners or shareholders in the business.

The most usual remedy involves getting a business valuation and then a mutual life insurance policy which very carefully sets out the conditions of what will happen when somebody dies. Normally the conditions would be that the share of the deceased partner would be “bought” with the proceeds of the insurance policy, with the money ultimately going to a nominated person (usually a relative of the deceased).

A potential flaw in this remedy is that the value of the insurance could massively exceed the value of the business and vice versa. This is why the business valuation should be obtained (and ideally should be updated at least annually). A binding contractual agreement should then be created which specifies the percentage of the nominal business value (as defined by the business valuation) which must be paid out by the remaining members to the successor of the deceased.

A second simpler, less costly, but slightly less legally enforceable method is to divide all of the shares of a company into classes. Class A shares, for example, will have both financial rights and executive control rights attached, while Class B shares may only have financial rights. Upon the death of a member, his or her shares are automatically converted from Class A shares to Class B shares, and the successor will inherit all of the Class B shares.

There are many other possibilities with succession plans too. To find out more, talk to the experts at Quill.

Whether it’s individual or commercial tax needs, financial advice or strategies to grow your business, the Quill Group has you covered!

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