Why us?

We focus on building genuine relationships and delivering a personalised service with innovative technology.

Business Accounting

From bookkeeping and cash flow forecasting, to structuring and software solutions, we can help shape you.

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Financial Planning

Through long-term strategies and tailored plans, we want to help you build your wealth to where you want it to be.

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Making decisions about your super isn’t always easy, so get the right advice and guidance to shape your freedom.

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Expert guidance from an expert team.

Don’t let your financial position suffer at the hands of others. Contact us to discover how we can help shape your future.

Benefits of working with us

Get everything you need, under one umbrella

Whether it’s financial advice, individual tax needs or strategies to grow your business, we have you covered. You have everything you need right here, and we only choose products and services that are best for you.

Adviser and Client

Great experience with great technology

We continually push the innovation boundaries to provide our clients the best, streamlined services. We work with the best of breed technology like Xero and DocusSign which gives us more time to focus on you and your needs.

Safety and stability

We don’t outsource any work overseas and we don’t plan to. We truly believe in insourcing. Our highly qualified accountants and financial planners perform all work right here in Australia so your privacy is kept safe.

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SME Accounting

Rely on Quill for SME accounting

Small and medium enterprises are the under-acknowledged backbone of the Australian economy. Having access to quality financial services is essential to business success, but unfortunately it is the case that many accounting firms are not optimally set up to provide for the needs of SME accounting.

Quill is different. We have experts in a broad range of financial services, including accountants who specialise in assisting SMEs.

Our team can provide every financial service you can think of, and possibly a few you haven’t thought of yet. We actively work in the best interests of our clients, and we adhere to the highest standards of accounting practices.

Quill has many services available for you at all times. Don’t only think of us at tax time, because there is so much more we can do for you. Neither should you worry about the cost, because the cost of all the services you can get from Quill is fully tax deductible when used for business purposes.

Some of the things we can do for you

There are so many ways we can assist you, it can be surprising to see them all listed. On this page we’re just going to list a few of our services, but you’ll find a lot more information by browsing through our site, or by contacting us directly.

Just some of these services include:

  • Tax Returns. What most people seek accountants for help with.
  • Business Activity Statements. Remove the burden from your shoulders and put it on ours.
  • Applications for tax extensions. Sometimes you may need more time to comply with ATO requests or obligations. We can help you get that extra time.
  • Bookkeeping services. Outsource to us and reclaim some of your time.
  • Payroll services. Outsource to us and reclaim even more of your time.
  • Business IT consulting. We can help you choose the right hardware and software for your general business needs.
  • Cloud storage and cloud applications. You can potentially save money and provide your business with location independence by moving data and software onto the cloud.
  • Assistance with buying and selling businesses. We’ll help make sure you get a fair deal.
  • Company secretarial services. Forgetting to lodge those mandatory government documents on time can be costly, which doesn’t happen when you have a company secretary.
  • Annual reports. Attract investors, impress bankers, decorate your coffee table, etc.
  • Periodic business reports. These can help you keep track of what’s happening financially in your business.
  • Corporate investment management. You know a business is serious when it is acquiring part ownership of other businesses.
  • Assistance with IPO preparation. Ready to launch your company into the big leagues? Your IPO is a legal requirement before you can offer shares to the public.
  • Compliance auditing. Make sure you don’t have any problems by getting periodic audits.
  • Asset depreciation and write-downs. You can reduce your tax burden by writing down and writing off assets appropriately.
  • Tax advice and financial advice. Anything you want to know about finance and taxation, we can tell you.

In addition. our accountants can also be considered “Authorised Persons” by federal and state government entities, for purposes such as verifying your identity or witnessing important documents.

Find out more by getting in touch with Quill

The above list of services you can obtain from Quill may seem lengthy, but it in fact barely scratches the surface of everything we can do for you.

Find out more about the help you can get from us by calling us directly or leave a message on our contact form and we’ll follow up with you.

Whether it’s individual or commercial tax needs, financial advice or strategies to grow your business, the Quill Group has you covered!

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Why choose Quill?

A hands-on approach for a customised result, we focus on building a genuine relationship and make sure we get the best outcome for you. Shaping your future is our core value.

Highly qualified and professional staff
Fixed Fee Quotation
Constant Communication
Technology and Innovation
Personal Service
Client Education
With you for the long haul
Quality and Privacy

“A hands-on approach for a customised result. Client satisfaction is our ultimate aim”

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Here’s what some of our clients have to say!

  • Up until recently I haven't' needed a lot of one-on-one advice but when I have, Geoff Burchill has always been very prompt. Recently I have needed some advice regarding retirement and superannuation and Geoff has given me a lot of time. I have had a 15 year relationship with Geoff as my financial advisor and I have always felt my funds are in good hands.
    Rachael H.
  • Over the last 20 years we have always been very happy with the service Katharine Adderley and the rest of the team have provided for us. We always feel very comfortable and relaxed with the advise they give us.
    Malcolm D.
  • Really happy with your service. Katharine always keep me informed of what is happening. Your visits to Alice is important for me as  I think I get more information by having face to face meetings as questions come up that may not happen if on the phone.
    Jennifer W.
  • “In my circumstances you are very good for me. You explain things so I can understand easily even if I do get muddled some times. You look after me very well. Trust is a word that means a lot to me & I have trust in you doing the best for me. Thank you .”
    Josephine L.

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