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Superannuation Services Brisbane

Who should you turn to for superannuation advice in Brisbane?

Your super is going to be a very important part of your life, so it’s really important to make sure you get the right advice and support. Quill is a leading entity in superannuation services in Brisbane. We have expert advisors and retirement planners ready to help whenever you need them.

Understanding superannuation in Australia is not always easy without expert training. One reason for this is that the rules keep changing, especially when there is a change of government. But even during the past three years there have been many changes, and not all of them have been positive.

Because superannuation is such a long-term investment with a distant maturation date, constant rule changes can impact on you in many different ways. This is why it is sensible to regularly seek superannuation advice, to make sure you are not disadvantaged by any of the changes.

How small changes can lead to big effects

Sometimes changes can be small enough to seem virtually inconsequential, and so even when people become aware of the changes, they may not worry too much about them because they don’t sound too bad.

The reason these small changes matter is because of compounding. Even if a change only affects your balance by a few hundred dollars per year, over the course of a few decades it can make tens of thousands of dollars to the maturation balance.

Not all the changes are bad, of course, but recently that has been the trend. A major concern that is frequently voiced by both major political parties is that Australia has an ageing population which is ageing faster than it is growing. In consequence of this, changes often are geared toward discouraging early retirement, keeping people in the workforce as long as possible, and preventing people from squandering their superannuation when they have access to it.

One of the worst changes to be implemented was the one which rescinded the ability of Australians to access their superannuation money if they promised to leave Australia permanently. People who were dreaming of an early retirement to Cebu or Bali to fritter away their remaining years in luxury suddenly found that dream snatched away.

That was a monumental change, and just one example of how changes can become negative in unexpected ways.

By getting regular superannuation advice, you can be aware of potentially negative changes before they take effect and plan your moves accordingly. You can also find out if your money is underperforming, and how you can correct that situation.

Would your money be better off being liberated?

Even with a self managed super fund, your ability to take advantage of investment opportunities may be unacceptably delayed. Since superannuation is compulsory for most Australians, there isn’t much they can do about this situation until they’re eligible to access their funds. Once that point is reached, it can be a good idea to move some of that money into more dynamic investment options.

The technical term for this is “liberation” and that’s because it can set you free from the restrictions imposed by superannuation. The government tries to discourage this by heavily taxing any substantial movement of money out of a superannuation fund if you do it before age 60. There are also rules that make it less taxing (but not necessarily more lucrative) to keep your money in a superannuation fund after age 60.

It may sound like we’re strongly suggesting everyone should take a lump sum, but that’s not entirely the case. It depends on how old you are, how much super you’ve got, how much tax you’ll be likely to pay, and whether you intend to invest the money or not.

Quite simply, when the time comes for you to make that decision, you must have expert advice. Quill be here for you then, as now.

Typically, if you have enough money to make it worthwhile and a sensible investment strategy, your money can perform better outside of a superannuation fund than it can inside one, plus you won’t be paying for the superannuation fund management fees. On the other hand, you’ll be liable for taxes on the earnings, which may not be the case if your money stays in a superannuation fund.

Make sure you can enjoy the best possible retirement with the highest returns by getting your superannuation advice in Brisbane from Quill. Make a start today by calling us or leaving a message on our contact form.

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    Rachael H.
  • Over the last 20 years we have always been very happy with the service Katharine Adderley and the rest of the team have provided for us. We always feel very comfortable and relaxed with the advise they give us.
    Malcolm D.
  • Really happy with your service. Katharine always keep me informed of what is happening. Your visits to Alice is important for me as  I think I get more information by having face to face meetings as questions come up that may not happen if on the phone.
    Jennifer W.
  • “In my circumstances you are very good for me. You explain things so I can understand easily even if I do get muddled some times. You look after me very well. Trust is a word that means a lot to me & I have trust in you doing the best for me. Thank you .”
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