Estate planning is unfortunately a topic that we often avoid or delay having a meaningful conversation about.

We all know that one day our number will come up and that we will most likely leave behind loved ones who ultimately will inherit something, be that large or small.

Importance of estate planning

Having a Will is a key part of estate planning as it ensures that those left behind will not have the burden of going through the lengthy and in some cases costly process of dying intestate (that is without a Will).

Equally important,  should someone not die but unfortunately suffer an illness or accident where they are incapable of making informed decisions then it is absolutely imperative they have an Enduring Power of Attorney in place.

In my role heading up of the financial planning team at Quill Group, I can say that we take estate planning very seriously and believe that it plays an integral role in any good financial plan.  We see our role as advisers as making sure that our clients don’t put off making a decision about estate planning, regardless of age.

Introducing Christina Wolfsbauer

The following is a brief video introduction to Christina Wolfsbauer who heads up our specialist estate planning division at Quill Group (Intello Legal).


More about Christina (from her LinkedIn profile)

Christina Wolfsbauer Estate Planning Lawyer Intello Legal

I am not just a lawyer. I am an entrepreneur, innovator, change-maker and genuinely nice person. I truly care about my clients and love nothing more than supporting other professionals in adopting a collaborative approach to providing excellent client satisfaction – not just client service.

I am a specialist in all things estates and succession. I have over a decade of experience, a Masters of Law from Sydney University, am an Accredited Mediator and was a Chartered Accountant in a former life. I have had the privilege of being trained and mentored by the thought-leaders of the industry. My unique skill set, experience and innovative approach sets me apart from others in my field.

What really makes me different is my fascination with the human side of doing business. I am an accredited Executive Coach and am currently completing my second Masters degree, this time in Social and Organisational Leadership. I have a lofty goal of transforming the professional services industry through communicating the value of operating from a people-centric approach.

Get in touch

If you have any questions or need to discuss your estate planning needs and have not had the pleasure of meeting Christina,  please talk to your Quill Relationship Manager and they can certainly facilitate this or get in touch with our team and we can have Christina contact you.