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Not For Profit

Quill has built strong foundations and delivers solid experience when working with not-for-profits and benevolent organisations. Put simply, we are here to support your mission as we are not only committed to our clients, but also share an active interest in the community and support several charities. Quill Group’s Directors have supported various not for profits, participating and facilitating advisory board meetings, and taking on non-executive director roles.

Our team can assist by:

We want to help where we can, present opportunities to help improve your financial and operational procedures, and give advice on ways to thrive. Many not-for-profits are eligible for Government Grants and Funding and many State Governments (supported by the Federal Government) are also releasing various industry specific COVID19 Grants to support the sector. We can work with you to determine which of these you might be eligible to apply for, as well as assist you with grant submission and management.

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