Estate Planning

Providing financial security for your loved ones, and peace of mind for you.
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Estate Planning

Estate planning is vital to ensure your wealth and assets are protected and your final wishes are carried out the way you intended. It delivers peace of mind that your loved ones will be taken care of, by clearly outlining how you would like your assets distributed through your last Will and Testament, or even assigning powers of attorney in the event you are incapable of acting on your own behalf. Making personal choices and taking control of your wealth today allows you to put the plans in place for the vision you see for yourself and your family in the future.

We recognise the sensitivity surrounding the subject of estate planning which is why we help clients to understand the many aspects involved and how it best suits their circumstances. Whether it is helping to put affairs in order, setting up a trust for a disabled loved one, or drafting an appropriate will, Quill has the experience to assist. Our expert guidance with each client is what is appreciated the most, with our team working with other divisions of our business to ensure you’re well looked after when tough choices need to be made.

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