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Much like the automotive industry, Australia’s Marine industry encompasses business of all sizes and services. The ABS states that there are more than 2,000 registered businesses operating in the ship and boat manufacturer sector covering activities such as shipbuilding and repair, boatbuilding and repair, marine equipment manufacturing and marina operations.

In more detail, the marine sector has businesses that relate to mariner birth and storage, pontoon and marina builders, aluminium, fibreglass and resin providers, marine parts retailers, OEM and specialist parts manufacturers, designers, engineers, repair and refurbishment, marine mechanics, specialised plumbers and electricians, as well as retailers and boat sales. Quill has experience helping people in the marine industry.

Quill can keep you business afloat with:

Across any industry, it is important that you select an accountant who will enhance the overall operation of your business and understands the impact of cashflow. You can trust that Quill knows the marine industry and your concerns about managing your cashflow. We can help by preparing budgets and forecasts, managing debtors and creditors, work in progress and stock control, as well as working with trade financiers to help smooth cash peaks and troughs.

Need help in determining your superannuation and fair work requirements for employee, contractor and subcontractor relationships? We can help with that too.

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