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Transport & Logistics

Road transport, heavy haulage, freight, trucking and logistics is a very demanding and competitive $94 billion dollar industry. The route forward isn’t always clear with running costs, maintenance expenses, fluctuating fuels costs, driver fatigue management and adherence to road safety and other regulatory requirements can be complex to navigate. To navigate these industry challenges, it’s important for you to work with an advisor that has industry specific knowledge and experience. You need to be engaging with the specialists at Quill.

Quill have worked with numerous providers working in the Transport and Logistic sectors such as couriers, livestock transport, specialised heavy haulage and general freight, interstate drivers and long haulage to assist with.

We can assist you with:

Whether you are a one truck owner-driver or owner operator of a large fleet, you need to constantly manage changing consumer demands and seamlessly navigate any roadblocks that prevent your business from moving forward. Varying operating costs, scheduling times, job costing, road congestion, fuel excise, maintenance costs and downtime, fluctuating fuel costs, driver fatigue, long hours, delivery deadlines, road safety and regulations and adherence to the National Heavy Vehicle accreditation scheme are just some of the challenges that you may face.

It is important therefore to work with an advisor who understands the road freight and logistics industry and who can also deal with small business activities like GST, BAS, PAYG and SGC for owner-driver operators as well as larger fleet transport businesses. We can also assist with more specific payroll tax, Workcover, driver training and safety, vehicle schedules and job costings, allowing you to stay ahead of change and focus on what matters – getting products and customers to their destination.

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