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The Australian automotive industry is broad and encompasses numerous activities and services. Activities such as repair and service of vehicles, OEM and aftermarket customisation, parts and tools, maintenance, restoration, import/export, retail dealerships, fleet providers for Government and more, all form part of the industry that is also supported by the thriving second-hand market and a specifically targeted insurance and finance industry of brokers and financiers who specialise in motor vehicle purchase and trade.

Whether working directly in the industry, or a small business looking to maximise its leasing and tax deductibility opportunities, you need to be able to rely on a team that understands companies like yours and can identify opportunities.

You can trust that Quill is passionate about the automotive industry with our Founder, Kevin Nicol, formally a longstanding Board Member of the Australian Road Safety Foundation and automotive enthusiast with industry background, Quill can provide solutions and create long term value.

Our team can assist you with:

Providers within the automotive industry often face complex challenges, one being cashflow. Quill can help by preparing budgets and forecasts, managing debtors and creditors, work in progress and stock control efficiency, as well as working with trade financiers to help smooth peaks and troughs.

As a dedicated team of professionals, we can also assist in determining your superannuation and fair work requirements for full-time, part-time and casual employees, your obligations in engaging with contractors, not to mention your OH&S requirements.

More recently, many state governments (supported by the Federal Government) have released industry specific Covid-19 Grants. Quill can partner with you to determine firstly if you might be eligible for one of these grants, then help you with your submission and management.

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