When was the last time you thanked a fellow employee for doing a good job or someone gave you the recognition you desired for a job well done? We’re not talking about an award or medal, just a simple pat on the back for going above and beyond.

Unfortunately, it seems that this simple act is too often ignored in modern workplaces. With an emphasis on increased production and greater efficiency, there is a tendency in our fast-paced workplaces to sometimes gloss over the good or exceptional behaviour and focus on underperformance. That is not to say that underperformance shouldn’t be called out. I suggest it should, but it is much easier to call out underperformance when outperformance is being recognised and encouraged.

Anecdotal evidence suggests this may be worse in professional practices like ours, where deadlines and urgent projects often require employees to work longer hours. Most are happy to do so and don’t expect anything in return but all the research, including my own experience, shows that a simple word of thanks can go a long way.

The cost of doing nothing

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Employees who feel a greater sense of worth and feel recognised for great effort are far more likely to display a greater level of engagement in their work and are less likely to leave. According to a study of 142 countries conducted by Gallup called the State of the Global Workplace, 60% of Australian employees are “not engaged”. This means they lack motivation and are less likely to be invested in organisational goals or outcomes. The study also found that 16% are “actively disengaged”, indicating they are unhappy and unproductive at work and liable to spread negativity to co-workers.

We decided to get serious about employee engagement and have decided to implement and invest in initiatives to boost our own team’s engagement with the business.

ThankQ program by Quill

We recently introduced a ThankQ program in our workplace. The aim was simple. To develop a culture of positive recognition that encouraged everyone to acknowledge exceptional behaviour in the workplace. The results so far have been great, in that managers and their teams are taking a few minutes out of their busy week to say ThankQ and recognise the efforts of those around them. The program allows members to send a themed eCard to one another with a simple click of a button.

We are also saying ThankQ to our employees by providing great value through great savings. Through our ThankQ program, our team have access to discounts and cash back offers from hundreds of retailers such as Woolworths, JB HIFI, Target, various clothing retailers and more.

With a reward and recognition program, you too can boost employee engagement and provide value beyond the traditional parties and monthly drinks.

Maybe worth a try?