I hear you!

“Raising three kids and running a household keeps me busy! I also have this gig on the side called a fulltime job!”

Luckily for me my job is something I truly enjoy. With 3 boys including an almost teenager who is completely experienced in all aspects of life and knows it all (who needs Google?) and a teething 9 month old my job is a safe haven. I am quickly learning that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the key to keeping my energy levels high, essential to maximising Mummy brain power!

Being at work gives me the opportunity to interact with work colleagues and in particular, new clients. Welcoming clients gives me a great sense of satisfaction and the conversation is never about the latest video game!

Combining work and home life equals organisation. Keeping everything running smoothly at home has given me the skills to keep everything running smoothly at work. It is something I pride myself on.

As much as I enjoy working at Quill and love the daily challenges; my favourite part of my day is going home to my family and starting the best job of all, being a mum.