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We focus on building genuine relationships and delivering a personalised service with innovative technology.

Business Accounting

From bookkeeping and cash flow forecasting, to structuring and software solutions, we can help shape you.

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Financial Planning

Through long-term strategies and tailored plans, we want to help you build your wealth to where you want it to be.

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Making decisions about your super isn’t always easy, so get the right advice and guidance to shape your freedom.

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Expert guidance from an expert team.

Don’t let your financial position suffer at the hands of others. Contact us to discover how we can help shape your future.

Benefits of working with us

Get everything you need, under one umbrella

Whether it’s financial advice, individual tax needs or strategies to grow your business, we have you covered. You have everything you need right here, and we only choose products and services that are best for you.

Adviser and Client

Great experience with great technology

We continually push the innovation boundaries to provide our clients the best, streamlined services. We work with the best of breed technology like Xero and DocusSign which gives us more time to focus on you and your needs.

Safety and stability

We don’t outsource any work overseas and we don’t plan to. We truly believe in insourcing. Our highly qualified accountants and financial planners perform all work right here in Australia so your privacy is kept safe.

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Investment Planning & Advice Gold Coast

Successful investing can be the difference between a comfortable retirement when you can achieve your ambitions and one where you have to limit your aims and watch what you spend. To ensure you have the best chance of investing successfully, get professional advice from a trusted source.

That’s generally best because investments require a lot of research and monitoring to ensure they do what’s required.

Most people don’t have the time or experience to do this properly whereas professional advisers spend their whole working life immersed in investment options and so are able to offer the best investment advice.

For the inexperienced, investment can be hard work. Like many industries, the investment business has its own jargon and complexities that you need to be fully familiar with if you are to take full advantage. You have to learn the basics, keep up-to-date with a constantly changing market and monitor your investment portfolio frequently.

If you haven’t the time and patience to do that, and most people don’t, here at Quill we can provide the investment advice you need to set you on the right path.

The Best Asset Class Mix through Investment Planning on the Gold Coast

Investments can cover different asset classes and you need to consider each one to build a balanced portfolio:

  • Equities are the most commonly recognised type of investment but can be volatile and can deliver spectacular losses as well as very high returns. They are generally one of the highest earning asset classes, returning 7.1% in the ten years up to 2015, but then falling to 4.3% due to weak performance in 2015.
  • Property averaged 8.1% returns in Australia in the ten years to the end of 2016. The property market can fluctuate but is generally booming across the country.
  • Fixed income bonds are loans to governments or corporations over a fixed period and pay interest on the loan, averaging 6.1% per annum over the last ten years. They provide a stable return and are viewed as a defensive asset to offset instability elsewhere.
  • Cash includes bank accounts and term deposits. These are the most stable of all and can easily be converted to cash but generally, and particularly today, offer the worst returns.

It’s usually advisable to have a balanced portfolio that has a mixture of asset classes with variable returns. These are designed to provide a consistent rate of return overall and fit in with your tolerance to risk so that losses in difficult times are limited.

Building Wealth through Good Investment Advice on the Gold Coast

As with many things, investment planning is best started early. A long-term plan enables you to get the best possible returns, taking advantage of the ups and overcoming the downs that are inevitable with any investments.

With long-term investments, small increases in returns or reductions in costs can make a significant difference to the value of your portfolio. A 1% difference each year can affect the final amount by almost one third over a thirty-year period, so choose carefully to achieve the best outcome.

At Quill, our investment advisers will help you achieve your aims. We’ll establish a plan, create a diversified portfolio and actively manage it to ensure it meets your expectations. Together, we can make your hard-earned savings really work for you.

Whether it’s individual or commercial tax needs, financial advice or strategies to grow your business, the Quill Group has you covered!

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Why choose Quill?

A hands-on approach for a customised result, we focus on building a genuine relationship and make sure we get the best outcome for you. Shaping your future is our core value.

Highly qualified and professional staff
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“A hands-on approach for a customised result. Client satisfaction is our ultimate aim”

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  • The Quill team are second to none. We recently experienced a sudden event which resulted in a need to urgently review our financial situation pre retirement. From the moment we walked in the door at Southport to be greeted by Jessica, to the comfort of the modern and well equipped offices, the ability to display our financial positions on screen, and to Peter's caring manner and expert advice, we were put at ease with the knowledge that our financial futures are secure. I cannot recommend the Quill Group enough. First class service all the way.
    P. Ring
  • After more than 10 years of receiving advice from Tony and his team at Quill we couldn't be happier and have seen our savings and investments grow at a rate we couldn't achieve elsewhere. Their advice has transitioned us from workers into comfortably self-funded retirees, in that time. Everything has been thoroughly explained to us in deciding between options and the pain of dealing with paperwork has been reduced to a minimum. We have a high degree of trust in this team, that recommended investments have performed well while limiting exposure to risk and that we would be happy to say, 'Go with Quill....you won't regret it'
    A. McNeill
  • We were very impressed with the service provided at Quill. From the moment we walked in the door till the moment we exited we were looked after by friendly staff. The financial advisor was wonderful and took the time to get an idea who we are and our goals. Advice was realistic and holistic taking our best interests into account. We very much appreciated the time, delivery of the advice and the follow up. Thanks again Tony and the Quill team.
    E. Jones
  • We always receive excellent service that goes above and beyond the normal call of duty. Extremely patient, professional and knowledgable. I cannot recommend them highly enough! Wonderful service!!
    C. Hawking

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