Ok, so I am sitting here trying to think of an amazing topic I can come up with to share in the blogosphere when suddenly it hits me…. What is more essential for your business than a great admin team?

What is more amazing than a group of hard working individuals who go that extra mile to make it all happen and to get the best end result for everyone?

For every workplace to operate successfully they need the support of a good backbone to keep it altogether aka “The Admin Team”.

So just how important are these minions to the movers and shakers?

Your admin extraordinaire, whether we are talking about a receptionist in a large professional firm, or a one person show in a small mechanical business is always the first port of call for your clients.

They are the cheerful voice on the other end of the phone line, or the friendly face that greets your client with a cup of coffee in hand as they walk through the door.

A strong knit, well trained admin team can make a huge impact on your business. They reduce the entire workload of senior management and productive employees, and make their day run a whole lot smoother.

They require a set of skills to handle many situations in a busy office environment in an efficient and organised manner, and act as that important link between senior management and their clients. They need to think on their feet at all times and have the ability to cope with the day to day pressures that come with a busy office.

What truly makes a great admin team?

My work colleagues and I recently attended a workshop on the “Neuroscience of Leadership” where the guest speaker gave an amazing insight into the workings of the human brain. She spoke about how neuron cells all work together to transport signals and messages around your body to keep it functioning.  A great admin team reminds me of the trillions of neuron cells in the human brain, all working together to reach the ultimate result. Just like neuron cells, a team that fires together, wires together!

So next time that urgent letter has to be typed or that business trip has to be organised, or the office cat has run out of Whiskas, take some time to reflect on just how important your admin team really is…

So 3 cheers for “The Admin Team”!  The glue that holds it all together!