The largest purchase in our lifetime is undoubtedly a family home. And for some, we may do this many times or just once. You might argue with me that the next biggest purchase is an investment property, but for most, this dream never becomes a reality. For most of the population, the next biggest purchase can be a car.

And for some, a car is not just any car. It’s an extension of their personality.

So when it comes time to make that purchase, you want to know you can buy it for the right price, and eventually sell it for a good price also. For most of us, a car is just a necessary cost that drains our back pockets before we get to enjoy the smell of our hard days’ work.

So when it comes to your acquisition, as a single buyer, wouldn’t you like the chance to get a discount on your initial purchase just like fleet owners do? And what about discounts on your servicing, tyres and insurances just like a fleet owner does?

Well we’ve found a wonderful opportunity that’s exclusive for our clients to take advantage of. And even the fees for such a service are discounted for you.

It sounds like the utopia of owning a motor vehicle: just pay one amount per month which can cover the cost of the loan repayment (or not if you own the vehicle already), fuel, repairs, insurance, registration and tyres at a discount. You get a fleet discount upfront on the initial purchase and it also provides you the necessary reports at the end of the financial year showing you the costs you can claim, including keeping invoice receipts, and can even assist you with selling your car when it comes time for the next car you wish to buy.

Well almost. It’s Autopia.

Buying a new car can be very stressful as you feel the need to haggle, (or maybe you are too embarrassed to), work out the finance options and then get all the extras fitted and for some it can be too overwhelming. Not with these guys.

They can assist with the right purchase, giving you all the advice even on what the expected resale value may be, and assist with the right financing and even assist with packaging it into your salary if that’s the best option for you. But it’s not just a service for employees. They offer this wonderful experience to business owners who are time poor to keep track of the best way to keep their receipts, and pay your bills on running the car for you.

Every week we would get approached about what is the best way to purchase a new motor vehicle. We can only ever assist on this from a taxation perspective. This group goes way beyond that perspective and considers what running costs you would expect, and they can take care of everything for you.

If you are in the market for purchasing a new motor vehicle then don’t go straight to the car yards first. Call us so we can give you the best referral you’ll ever receive to save you thousands.

Buying a car should be an exciting experience, but make it more exciting by getting everything sorted and under control from the get go. I wish I’d heard of these guys when I bought my recent motor vehicle, but I will definitely be using them on my next purchase.