I love getting an ATO audit; said no one ever!

But I love it when I have audit insurance and I get an ATO audit, said a few of our clients. Why? Because they know the costs of assisting them through the audit were taken care of.

Recently we have noticed more business insurance including the option of audit insurance and therefore more of our clients are not opting to take up our audit insurance product.

Unfortunately, what we’re finding is that when the business does get audited this type of cover is not sufficient to cover them for everything and the claim is being denied.

Just proves that not all insurance is the same.

We have recently offered our audit insurance renewal to existing clients and offered the option to take this up to those who may never have been offered it before. If you didn’t receive your invite to take up our audit insurance product and think that you are at risk of an audit, then please contact our office immediately for a quote to be sent to you.

Audits can come in all shapes and sizes but the bill at the end if you don’t have insurance usually comes in a big size. Don’t find yourself cutting back on something that could save you thousands in the end. Give us a call now to organise your audit insurance for the next twelve months.