Get yourself organised for the rest 2018

Now, if you’re anything like me, you may have started back at work a little tired, a little sick and one hundred percent ready to go back on holidays. The truth is that it can really take some self-control and self-discipline to get yourself back into work mode for the year.

I thought I would share with you some of my personal tips that have motivated me to get back into the new year; personally, professionally, and practically.

1. Establish routine

After a week or two off, it can be hard to snap back into our carefully crafted routine. If you have travelled away you may have picked up a flu, or you may be struggling to get to bed at a better hour for optimal sleep.

Routine is incredibly important for our body clock, and our brain. It’s the small choices we make in our habits daily that fuel the person we are becoming. Part of my routine is making sure I have my breakfast and lunches prepared for my work week. I am saving time by preparing them in one allocated time, and saving money by not spending during the week on food. This also ensures that I am not swayed by an unhealthy choice.

However, routine is all about balance! Making the choice to only purchase coffee on Mondays and Fridays and aiming to have one lunch per week where I choose to eat out, gives me something to look forward to. On occasion, my co-workers Kellie and Carol-Anne will make me a coffee, which is such a sweet surprise for me! Of course, part of routine also means that I purposefully leave my weekends to be a lot more flexible.

I have other weekly habits and commitments (exercise, meditation, personal training, personal finance monitoring) that enable me to build the blocks of my life around them. Find out what works for you in organising yourself – maybe you need to take a page from Zuckerberg’s book and wear the same outfit everyday, or at least have it planned in advance!

As an INFJ, with a self-confessed need to have my ducks in a row, I have often joked to close friends that I schedule time for spontaneity. Look for the gems, and the space, in your own routine that allow you to enjoy a balanced life.


2. Put boundaries in place

“Boundaries? I’m an adult, do I really need boundaries?” The answer is yes.

Just like routine, our minds and bodies need established healthy boundaries to keep in check. But what does this look like? For me, this meant committing to a month off my personal social media. Of course, working in marketing means that part of my role is to assist the management of our social media accounts. However, I knew that I needed to exercise some control over my thought patterns so that I wasn’t dipping back into my holiday mode by ‘monitoring’ those that are perhaps still on holidays or have different work commitments. It’s important to look back fondly on the holidays, but not enable yourself to get stuck in the same mindset.

Kick that fear of missing out to the curb, and get on with what you have to do.

Assess if anything is prohibiting you from being able to focus on your job, or what you’re doing right now. Whatever boundaries you need to put in place to go in hand with your routine, keep your eyes on the prize.


3. Celebrate wins and failures.

Celebrate the ‘small’ wins in your life. Did you get up on time this morning and organize yourself for the day, and arrive at work on time? Learn how to celebrate that, even though it seems like a small task.

However, potentially the hardest thing to do is to accept failure, disconnect your self-worth, and be able to move on and do it better next time.

For Christmas last year, the Marketing Manager gifted me the book “I don’t have time” by Audrey Thomas and Emma Grey. From the first page of the book, I was captivated. Admittedly, still not having finished it, it has already made a huge impact on me.

Following on from a particular lesson in the book, it gives you the opportunity to write down your failures, to release yourself from them. So Fabs, the Marketing Manager, and myself, had a 2018 planning meeting where we detailed our professional failures in the previous year. This list enabled us to plan for this year and know what areas to focus on to do better in.

Maybe you need to change the way that you look at your achievements or failures, and your calendar. Release yourself to enjoy your life – every aspect of it.


4. Set personal goals for the year

Goal setting looks different for everyone, but the most important thing is that you take the time to think about your goals. What does this look like for you? Maybe it looks like writing it down on paper, using a productivity app such as Asana, or keeping a goals board. It might mean informing your close family and friends about these goals, too.

However, this goes further than just 2018. Think big picture. Think 10 years down the track. Where do you envisage your life to be? Where would you like to be, personally?

Track your goals in whatever way suits you. Bullet Diaries are practical and have the ability to personalise every aspect.

Work is a massive priority in each of our lives. However, it can be easy to feel like your head is spinning, if goals in your personal life are not kept up to date. If you want to read more about self-awareness in the workplace, Sheryl Sandberg’s sharing manifesto will enlighten you.

Of course, work goals are incredibly important too. This is where celebrating your wins and failures, and establish team planning from this, is vital.


5. Focus on the good.

There is an amazing quote by Gretchen Rubin, “I wish I could not wish.” We live in a western society that is focused on what we don’t have, materially or otherwise.

Life is about focussing on what you do have, and what you are appreciative for. Family, friends, a roof over your head.


My favourite ways to remind myself to focus on the good:

Close your eyes for a moment and take a couple of deep breaths in
Feel your body become energised and refreshed with every breath in.

Do one thing for yourself every day
This could be something simple and small, but making the commitment to prioritise yourself if even just for a moment, makes all of the difference. Think of how you take care of your family, or cherish your friends, and be able to extend that same love and grace to yourself.

• Drink water
Very practical, but drinking the water your body needs is about more than just hydration. Remind yourself how blessed you are to have access to clean to drink water.