Finance related professionals are often described as analytical, detail focused and often good with numbers. Historically, people assume this is because their brain is geared more towards using the “left side”, the side of the brain that is apparently responsible for logical tasks. Neuroscientists, however, have long proclaimed that this view of “right and left” is, in fact, a myth.

By default, the right side of the brain is creative, artistic and perhaps free spirited.  Apparently, as the myth goes, it’s got to do with which side of the brain is more active.

engaging our creative sides

What do the experts say?

Recent research by The University of Utah has found no evidence that people preferentially use their left or right side of the brain.  The University undertook an analysis of 1000 brains and found that each person used their entire brain equally.

Further still, the team found that all brain regions enable people to be both creative and analytical, that is, using all of our brain capacity to do things every day.  Who knew that every person around used all of their brain to do things!

The simplistic approach to creativity

So, why do people persist in cultivating hobbies or downloading apps amongst other tools to engage what they perceive as the ‘other side’ of their brain?  My thought process is that, if we are in a profession that predominately uses analytical skills, logical approaches and requires attention to detail, at some point in time we may want to do something that differs from our everyday life. That ‘something’ might be creative in nature!  Maybe I’m being too simplistic in my approach, but maybe it is just that simple?

Why not take up painting landscapes, sculpting or cake decorating to change up your life a little bit.  A change is good as a holiday and we all know how good holidays are for us!

Happiness is the key to life

Personally, I don’t think it matters at all if the painted landscape looks more like blobs of paint than a seascape, or the sculpture is a lump of clay; as long as doing the activity creates happiness in your life.

So, as I’m not a neurologist nor an expert in the field, I simply cannot comment on the validity of the recent research. Whether there is a specific ‘creative side’ of the brain or not, I’m of the opinion that if doing those typically creative things such as painting provides happiness in your life – do it!