Like many concepts “Client Service” seems to be in the eye of the beholder.  It is an art not just for the business owner but every person in it.  It means not reading from a script but rather reading the client, knowing when to pay attention and when to give space.

How do you deliver outstanding client service?

In my 16 years in administration over a range of industries, I have discovered that delivering outstanding client service means to create a memorable and extraordinary experience.  It goes beyond having just a friendly face, it means going “above and beyond”, listening effectively and engaging with the client in a non-intrusive friendly manner.

It’s about developing a great relationship of trust and loyalty with your clients and creating that unique experience.  The organisations that get it correct are the ones who think about how to delight their clients with each and every interaction.

Outstanding client service generates excellent word of mouth referrals.

Word of mouth is one of the strongest marketing tools in today’s world.  As news travels fast these days what a powerful investment of your time.  A client referral means you are already pre-qualified with an immediate connection to a prospective client in need of your services.

How does client service benefit your business?

Outstanding client service, in short, leads to happy clients and is a powerful weapon in any business, which is another reason why this should be the mission of each and every team member at any organisation.

How does your business rate at client service? Is it more than just a philosophy? Or is it like the blood pumping through your business veins? If you haven’t got it right now, when will you make this a priority to turn your business from just a service into an advocate producing machine?